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And all of them contains different materials, some have codeine in it and that is not a good choice during pregnancy. Gravida or gravidity describes the total number of confirmed pregnancies that a woman has had, regardless of the outcome. Grav· i· da, gravida Igravida II ( grav' i- dă), A pregnant woman. Gravida ( the number of times a woman has been pregnant), para ( the number of times she’ s carried a fetus to the point of viability/ delivery), and abortus ( in medical terms, miscarriages are “ spontaneous abortions, ” so we’ re talking a larger group than in popular jargon; this is those pregnancies lost for whatever reason before they got to the point of parity) are obstetric descriptors.
What Does the Phrase " gravida 2 Para 1" Mean? Gravida synonyms, gravida pronunciation, gravida translation, English dictionary definition of gravida. You can also read the pamphlet that comes with the medicine. One of the most common questions missed in the EMT and Paramedic OBGYN test involve the terms Gravida and Para.
Followed by a numeral designating the number of times the woman has. A woman' s status regarding pregnancy: usu. When using these terms: Medical professionals use the phrase " gravida 2 para 1" to refer to a woman who has been pregnant a total of two times and carried only one of those pregnancies to the age of viability. Vindeca osteocondroza gravida. In biology and human medicine, gravidity and parity are the number of times a female is or has been pregnant ( gravidity) and carried the pregnancies to a viable gestational age ( parity). Gravida refers to the number of times the woman has been pregnant. Gravida [ grav´ ĭ- dah] a pregnant woman; called gravida I ( primigravida) during the first pregnancy, gravida II ( secundigravida) during the second, and so on. Gravida and para are medical terms that relate to pregnancy and birth. These terms are usually coupled, sometimes with additional terms, to indicate more details of the woman' s obstetric history. But the best thing to do is ask the pharmacist that sells the medicine. There are many kinds of cough syrups/ drops/ pills. No one wants to hear the paramedic yell over the radio and then to the ER staff that " this chick has been pregant 5 times; she had two kids, two miscarriages and an abortion. N med a pregnant woman n. All the patients were examined in respect of demographic characteristics, time since the surgical intervention, reason for the surgical intervention, gravid, type of birth, type of operation ( B- Lynch, hypogastric artery ligation, total or subtotal hysterectomy), complications, intensive care rates, infant mortality rates and blood product transfusion rates. Gravida followed by a arabic numeral or preceded by a Latin prefix ( primi-, secundi-, etc. Their job is to know those things. ) designates the pregnant woman by.

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